• If you feel confident to train on your own but are looking to fine tune your techniques, revitalise your routine, get key tips and generally gain invaluable advice for an ideal session for you, then book in for a programme design consultation.
  • Discuss your goals and targets and be guided through a one to one 60 or 30 minute personal training session to understand the correct movements, posture and what to look out for during the session.
  • Complete the session on your own each week for an agreed period of time.
  • Rebook for a one to one 60 or 30 minute training session to develop a new routine.
  • Build a log book of routines and be under the guidance of one of our personal trainers to maintain correct form, reduce the risk of injury and make faster progress.

Duration = 30 or 60 minutes per programme 
Frequency = Every two to four weeks 

To find out more information please contact Henry